Orchids can be tough to see in the wild, even near wildlife lodges like the Cabañas San Isidro. Large orchids love to grow high in the tree canopy, beyond the reach of even a pair of good binoculars. And some of the orchids that grow at eye level are so tiny that the casual observer would walk right by and not even realize they’ve passed a miniature of their favorite flower. And though orchids have prime seasons in certain areas, they don’t all tend to bloom at once. If you see an orchid in the wild, enjoy!

At Cabañas San Isidro, they have taken orchids from the wild that have fallen from trees and transplanted the root stock along a short trail near the lodge. The orchids survive in conditions that are very much like those in the primary forest but they are easier to see and much easier to photograph.

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More Orchids in Ecuador

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