Designing a new logo comes with levels of excitement and fear, sort of like standing on the edge of a diving board and looking down into the turquoise blue water of the deep end of the pool. The question at this point is if I will be successful, breaking into the water in a smooth, beautiful, and professional manner or if I will belly flop.

I have a feeling it will be somewhere in between. The truth is just jumping feels good.

So why a new logo? Obviously, the old one was just a slapdash affair that read «blog» not «business». We needed something new that tells people more about who we are.

NYAA Logo Square, No Border
NYAA Logo Square, No Border
NYAA Logo Square, No Border


The Sun

An important element of our new design is the sun. This version was influenced by the flags of Argentina and Uruguay, with their bold, golden, multi-rayed Sol de Mayo, a representation of the Incan sun god Inti. When we lived in Argentina, our sons learned in school that the sun’s alternating curved and straight rays represent the union of two cultures – the wavy lines coming from the New World and the straight reflecting the Old. We see our business bringing together North and South America in ways that allow our multi-cultural populations to better undertand and know one another.

The Compass

Instead of using all of the rays of the Sun of May, our version looks more like a Compass rose. We will always be a travel blog and having a compass to guide our travels and our business is important. Moreover, using the proper tools for the proper job is the key to success. Our business will provide modern tools to South American small business owners. We want to make the process of communication with potential clients simple.

The Americas

Our logo shows both continents but highlights the southern continent so that North Americans recognize that South Americans are American too. It is very important that we attract open-minded travelers willing to look beyond stereotypes and that the business owners in South America are willing to turn around and do the same. While some stereotypes are worth paying attention to (North Americans love coffee), no stereotype is consistent across the board. Businesses who know their markets not only increase clientele, they attract the tourists and travelers who will enjoy their South American experience and share it with others.

Thank You To My Team

Let me give an extra big thank you to those of you who have followed Not Your Average American since the earliest days!

Your interest, feedback, and comments have kept me writing, even when life got in the way. You have taught so much about what works and what doesn’t. Keep the feedback coming, whether it is on the pages of this blog, on our Facebook page, or in our NEW forum (just the beta version but feel free to sign up and give it a whirl!).

Your interest in this project inspires me to do more every single day.