Hello, fellow drivers! Are you ready to learn about my exciting experience with Tripiamo’s online course for driving in Italy? As an audacious traveler, I’m always up for a new challenge. What better way to dive into the local culture than by learning how to navigate the roads like a true Italian?

A few weeks ago, Tripiamo’s founder, John Cortese, reached out to me after reading my article on Driving in Ecuador. He was more than a little intrigued about my lessons learned on Ecuador’s backroads. And he saw an immediate connection between his business and our blog.

John invited me to try out a course for free and asked, in return, if I would write a genuine review. This collaboration allowed me to delve into the course’s offerings, explore its rich content, and provide an authentic assessment of its value. I am so convinced of its worth, that I decided to become an affiliate (affiliate link), despite the fact they do not have a course for Ecuador. Or Peru. Or Colombia. I’m hoping to convince them to change that!

In the meantime, join me as I take you through my journey along the charming streets and windy backroads of Ecuador… I mean Italy.

A Pleasant Surprise: A Simple Introduction and Clear Expectations

From the moment I clicked on the «Big Green Start Guide» button on the Driving in Italy course, I was greeted with a simple and inviting introduction. Tripiamo set the stage for an engaging learning experience, letting me know exactly what to expect from the course.

However, one question lingered: how much time should I allocate over the next week to get the most out of this adventure? An hour a night for a week? Or maybe more? Despite this, the course structure provided a clear roadmap, making the learning process seamless. 

A small white car driving in Italy takes a sharp turn on a paved road with views of the stunning Italian countryside.

Infusing Humor and Local Flavor into the Lessons

Tripiamo’s introductory video was a delightful blend of humor, catchy music, and authentic Italian charm. It felt as if I had stumbled upon a savvy friend in Italy who was eager to guide me through the nuances of driving in this picturesque country.

I chuckled at the sight of kids pretending to drive a car in one of the clips, making me think of my own young children begging to get behind the wheel when they were young.

My new friend also offered great advice – don’t take this vacation as an opportunity to learn how to drive a stick shift – a nod to the infamous Italian drivers’ affinity for manual transmissions.

Preparing for the Journey: Specifics for Driving in Italy

Before diving into the course, Tripiamo shared some invaluable insights. From hiding valuables to fueling up, they provided practical tips to help ensure a smooth ride. Tripiamo also emphasized the age limits for certain rental options, cautioned against using the telepass, and cleverly suggested public transportation as an alternative when touring big cities. Their advice seems spot on.

Vintage white car parked on cobblestone streets.

Guiding You through the Streets: Music, Motivation, and Navigation

Tripiamo’s narrator had a slightly accented voice that radiated authenticity, making me feel like a local friend was lending a hand. The well-chosen background music created a sense of being on an Italian adventure, while encouraging notes and reminders kept me motivated to keep pushing forward. It was only as I got to the longer, 360 degree videos that I tired of the same music.

As I progressed through the course, the narrators kept throwing out handy tips – tuck in side mirrors, secure belongings in the trunk, and opt for attended parking lots – keeping me engaged and attentive for the next nugget of goodness.

Embracing the Italian Spirit: Drive Like a Local

Tripiamo’s directive to «Drive Like an Italian» immediately piqued my interest. Instead of the usual defensive driving approach, they advocated for confident, assertive driving – a strategy I personally had to adopt on Ecuador’s roads. This is an uncomfortable form of driving for many US Americans. However, it is essential to getting anywhere. The polite driver, in Italy or Ecuador, will be stuck at the roundabout never able to enter unless they take a chance.

The videos were peppered with handy examples of local customs, including instances of illegal driving habits illustrated by bold red Xs. Our narrator often warned not to break the law, even if you saw an Italian doing so. Always great driving advice in any country you visit.

A man and woman take a selfie while sitting on a moped in front of the Coliseum in Rome

360-Degree Experience: Learning to Navigate Italian Streets

One highlight of the course was the 360-degree driving videos that transported me to the vibrant streets of Florence. Navigating the charming city on a moped provided a truly immersive experience, allowing me to gauge the rhythm of the city’s traffic. While I loved these videos, I’d suggest not watching too many in a row to prevent dizziness, especially when watching on larger screens. 

Tripiamo made sure to draw comparisons between Italian and American driving practices, from the interpretation of white dashed lines to the courteous right-of-way tradition. However, some intricacies still puzzled me, like exiting a roundabout from the center lane when another vehicle is in the right lane. Who gives way? Is this the time for offensive or defensive driving? A little more clarity here would have been appreciated. 

A woman on a bicycle comes toward the viewer in a bike lane to the right while we follow a white van on the main road ahead

Bringing it All Together: A Wonderful Learning Journey

In the end, my experience with Tripiamo’s online driving course was undeniably positive. I appreciated their detailed approach, authentic insights, and the immersive 360-degree videos that brought Italian roads to life. While I thoroughly enjoyed the deep bass backbeat in the videos, a bit of variety in the soundtrack towards the end of the course would have been a welcome change. Overall, I give them a big thumbs up!

Final Thoughts: Driving with Tripiamo – An Adventure Worth Taking

From Florence’s bustling streets to the humor-infused lessons, Tripiamo’s online driving course provided an enriching experience that catered to both novices and experienced drivers. If you’re planning a road trip in Italy or even curious about how Ecuador’s roads compare, I wholeheartedly recommend embarking on this journey with Tripiamo. Check out all their driving courses on their website (affliate link).

Make sure to check out my certificate of completion below!

Safe travels and happy driving!

Certificate for Tripiamo Driving in Italy Online Course