Recently, we had a reader reach to ask for our recommendations on websites to read Ecuador news. The last time I had written on the topic was during the political protests in 2022. Those made international headlines, so finding news was fairly easy. But the day to day stuff, the kinds of things that the international press might not pick up, is best read in the Spanish language press.

So I turned to my handy security consultant – my husband and retired Air Force officer, Scott. He immediately sent 4 sources he relies on when writing his occasional newsletter on safety and security in South America.

 About our cover photo: this is not a photo of political protest. It is an example of a religious event that inspired a very large crowd requiring police presence. Few, if any, international news outlets cover events like these in Ecuador.

Best Sites for Ecuador News in Spanish

Scott recommends four websites for the best coverage of Ecuador, including one based in Argentina. That one is great for coverage of other South American nations as well. If your Spanish is not great, you can always automatically translate these websites into English. The translations won’t be perfect, but you will get a good idea of the gist of the article.


«Ecuadorian online-only news. Good security coverage.»

El Universo

«Guayaquil-based newspaper with good national coverage.»

La Republica

«Ecuadorian print and online. Headline news coverage.»


«Based in Argentina. Good security coverage for all South America.»

Additional Ecuadorian News Outlets Worth Mentioning

When writing about the political protests of 2022, we found that many expats were relying on news from these two sources:

Pinchincha Universal

«Media station running out of Ecuador’s capital city, Quito»

Radio Illuman

«Ecuadorian news from an Indigenous perspective.»

Process Ecuadorian News with an Open Mind

So, when you start reading the Ecuadorian news, expect to see more than your fair share of click bait titles. We’ve recommended sites that are less prone to exaggeration, but it is worth mentioning.

Here is an example of an article from Primacias about the most dangerous highways in Ecuador.

Estas son las carreteras más peligrosas y expuestas a bandas delictivas en Ecuador

Remember when reading articles like these that they should help you make decisions about safety that are nuanced, not gut-reactions. In this article, for example, particular roads have more problems that others. It does not say that every road in Ecuador is dangerous.

Articles like these should inform your overall risk assessment. But we would rarely make a decision based on one article alone. If you are in doubt, hire us to conduct a security assessment for you.

Best Links to English Language Websites for Ecuadorian News

It is worth noting that international news outlets usually write stories about Ecuador for when there is a natural disaster, a kidnapping and murder of prominent politician, or a political protest that impacts tourism. It is rare to find more nuanced coverage of events that impact Ecuadorians only. These four sources attempt to provide coverage that is well-written and based in fact.


«Our go-to for international coverage of Ecuador.»

Deutche Well

«German site with excellent English-language articles on Ecuador.»

New York Times

«Trusted source for international coverage of Ecuador.»

France 24

«French site with excellent English-language articles on Ecuador.»

If you are after more information directly related to travel and news, do check out our older article on the political protests. There are links to aiport updates, Twitter lists for road closures, Ecuadorian military Twitter feeds, and more. 

Where To Find Information During Ecuador’s Political Protests, 2022

 If you would like to add your favorite news sites, please leave a comment with a link. We’d love to know how you keep up-to-date in our favorite Andean nation.